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Please refer to your local council or it's website for information regarding Asbestos removal on your property, and any planning approvals or permits that may be required.

In most cases it is not illegal for you to remove your own asbestos from your own property.  (If you are paying a contractor, the site becomes a workplace and different rules apply).

Whilst Asbestos can be very dangerous if mishandled, simple and sensible precautions can minimise any danger. You must always consider your own health and the health of others on or nearby the site.  We strongly recommend you review the documentation found through this important link:  Dept Health Asbestos Information.

If you decide to remove asbestos materials from your own property, be aware that  inhaling airborne asbestos fibres and dust  - released when handling - poses the greatest danger.  As well as wearing protective gear (see recommendations in the link above), it is essential to  minimise the handling of the material.  For example, wherever possible do not smash or break up asbestos-sheeting, and certainly do not use power tools on it (which will create airborne dust).  Our bins are the perfect size to take a complete sheet of wall or roofing asbestos without the need to break it up in any way.

Crucially, asbestos and asbestos material is a 'controlled waste' product. There are strict rules about how it can be transported and disposed of.

Laurie Baird (T/as Complete Garbage Skip Hire) is a licensed Asbestos Agent and Transporter.  When we supply a bin for asbestos, we also supply the commercial grade heavy duty plastic required to line the bin and double-wrap the load. We can transport the waste for your licensed contractor, or, we can act as an agent for the homeowner, where we are responsible for the legal and safe transport & disposal of the homeowner's controlled waste.

Tasmania has many homes containing asbestos.  With an increased number of older homes requiring renovation, removal and disposal of asbestos materials has become a significant consideration involving important health, safety and cost decisions.  Please do not hesitate to phone us for any further information we may be able to offer to assist you in resolving your asbestos issues.
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